The Overlooked Importance of Bits


I’ve talked in regards to the correct understanding and use of the western saddle and the way it is without doubt one of the most misunderstood instruments of horse communication. Effectively if the usage of the saddle is without doubt one of the most misunderstood when the correct choice and use of bits are probably the most complicated to each novice and skilled horse proprietor at this time. Actually, I’ve discovered all too many trainers which have little or no information on this space of working with horses and shouldn’t have the power to go on their college students the significance of bit information and use.

Most individuals at this time really feel that they do not have the time or the power to be taught what they should learn about bits, however in actuality, all of it begins with the arms of the rider. They need to develop a superb set of arms, what I name “smooth arms”, will truly make you need to be taught extra in regards to the correct use of bits which can then result in the event of a greater seat and permit for added development. That is how individuals turn into educated horse house owners that results in the beginning of changing into a “Horseman”.

There’s one phrase that I continuously use when doing any work with horses and it’s “there isn’t a one-size matches all reply” and the realm of bits isn’t any totally different. Should you bought your horse and a bit was included it doesn’t suggest that’s the greatest bit for that horse and right here is why. All bits match and set in another way within the horse’s mouth and since that’s true all bits react in another way in a horse’s mouth, to not point out that every bit works in a considerably totally different manner from the opposite.

The perfect instance I can give you is a brand new pair of shoes for you. You have a look at them and also you examine them and assume that these are the boots that may be the very best that you could possibly get. The subsequent step is to attempt them on and guess what, they do not really feel good and are uncomfortable as soon as that they’re in your ft. You turn into annoyed, uncomfortable and uneasy let’s face all of it you need to do is get these boots off of your ft. Beginning to perceive the place I’m going right here?

These boots have been a choice that you simply thought could be a superb one however turned out to be the unsuitable boots for you. Certain, they seemed nice after they have been on the shelf, however as soon as they have been in your ft it was a completely totally different story. The horse isn’t any totally different from you; the bit that works to your horse must be chosen by the horse since they’re the one which has to put on it.

Let’s take a fast have a look at your entire means of introducing the horse to the bit and the time issue that’s concerned in creating what’s known as a completed horse. It might probably take wherever from two to 4 years to correctly and utterly create a completed bridle horse. So, it’s comprehensible that when a horse that needs to be calm and simple to get together with begins to turn into annoyed, uncomfortable and uneasy one of many first locations to look to is the bit that’s getting used.

Studying about how bits work in addition to the correct becoming of the bit to the mouth of the horse is without doubt one of the first areas to increase your information of horsemanship. Studying that one easy step can result in a way more fulfilling experience and a greater relationship between you and your horse and assist to create that simple to get together with the horse.

Till subsequent time “Trip for the Model’.

My work with horses and house owners is devoted to the 1000’s of horses that I’ve had the distinct pleasure to fulfill, be taught from and allowed into their lives. That acceptance has given me the perception that’s needed for the understanding of their world and the way I needed to alter my ideas and actions to turn into the identical as theirs.

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