Secrets of Amanita muscaria Mushroom


Amanita is humanity’s oldest non secular sacrament as proven within the Rig Veda, the world’s oldest bible. In good instances and unhealthy, the advanced of people have at all times discovered their method to Amanita for aid and steering.

The clever ones have at all times recognized this Earth born Angel. Whether or not in secret rites, or open pageantry led by kings decked in gold, devoted Monks and Tribal shamans around the globe have blessed their folks with God’s Excellent Sacrament and Drugs.

A real sacrament is just not a token gesture, it has the facility to bridge the hole between the earthly world and the non secular realm for clear communication, non secular steering and unbridled joy–to harmonize with Heaven right here and now.

Shamanically Ready Soma

  1. Provides you the impulse to creative creativity and work.
  2. World’s foremost anti-depressant.
  3. World’s foremost painkiller.
  4. World’s foremost anxiety-reliever.
  5. World’s foremost visionary catalyst.
  6. World’s foremost athletic and combating energizer.

— Odin

Amanita Muscaria Preparation Secrets and techniques

Via trial and error, risking our very lives, we discovered to find out efficiency, dosage and timing. We dared to get to know the spirit of the shrooms and have discovered the way in which to Somadise, Heaven on Earth.

Our eBooks and documentary train find out how to choose and put together Soma, Amanita muscaria mushrooms in your personal accountable use.

Concerning the Shamans

    • Odin: Prophet of Soma.
    • Venus: Shamaness, Visionary Mystic Trance-Artist, Who Painted Her Personal Masterpiece, Our Tarot Deck; Vedic Scholar; Authoress; Spirit Instructor; Documentarian.

Calling all highly effective angels! Amanita Photos From Across the World

E mail your Amanita mushroom pictures and we’ll function them on our Amanita Image Gallery.

Shamaness Says

Soma provides you pleasure and peace.

Soma Periods

My faith is prophecy with Soma. Our web site guides you to correct Soma use in your life and household. Right here in Northern California, we do classes for others in search of to come back and see our lovely pure coastal areas.

New YouTube Video!

“Venus Says” (exterior hyperlink to YouTube)

Making ready Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms

For non secular adventurers who want to be taught find out how to safely choose and put together Amanita muscaria mushrooms for their very own accountable use, and obtain optimistic Amanita muscaria results, we share over a 3rd of a century of expertise in our Sacred Soma Shamans e book and Secrets and techniques of Soma DVD.

Discover ways to dry, retailer make Soma tea and decide a private Amanita muscaria dosage for an ideal Amanita muscaria expertise, find out how to eat Amanita muscaria and uncover the pain-killing, uplifting properties, therapeutic power and non secular qualities of sacred Soma!

We invite you to browse our web site for free information about Amanitas, lovely Amanita mushroom footage, and extra.

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