FIVE essences of the X50 Proton project!


Interested in the X50 Proton? Then here are things you need to read.

1. Understand the differences between professionals and individuals for X50 Proton

First of all, you should know that when you buy from a professional, it provides you with a minimum mechanical warranty of three months. The X50 Proton is therefore guaranteed to be revised before the sale. Therefore, if there is a breakage of engine, shifter or if you discover defects-hidden, the seller will be held responsible. In addition, used X50 Proton in stock with professionals can be delivered very quickly and often have rebate benefits. 

However, if the choice is often very wide, you may not find exactly the X50 Proton with special trimming that interested you most among the dealer stocks. In this case, the solution is still to address the agents who offer Personal Shopper services, they find for you, for free, the rare pearl.

Buy a 50 Proton from private seller?

Just in case you buy the X50 Proton from an individual, the guarantees will be fewer. This can be a financial advantage, since the guarantees of the professionals still have a price. Private cars are also more easily tradable. However, in the event of a problem, a particular seller may not be at fault. You will then have to initiate a complaint procedure. It’s time and money.

2. In case of hidden defects of the new X50 Proto

In case of vice-hidden, the remedies are known. Normally, the individual must call an expert to know if the damage of the X50 Proto dates from before or after its sale. If he refuses to do so, you have the opportunity to appeal to justice. You will have to advance the expenses of expertises up to horrified ringgits. If it is done, the private seller will refund your expenses and you will have to buy the X50 Proto. Deadlines depend on the severity of the vice-hidden. It must nonetheless be filed within a short time.

Make your choice

In any case do not hesitate to compare the Proton X50 price, there are good surprises everywhere. So, in summary, to buy a new X50 Proto, without being had, here are some tips:

If you buy a used car from a professional, you get a guarantee, and stock vehicles, available quickly.

If you buy a car from an individual, the offers are more easily negotiable, but be careful, you have no guarantee.

3. What to ask the seller and to check yourself

Before giving the money out, here are some unavoidable questions to avoid scams:

  • What is the mileage of the car?
  • What is his consumption?
  • Is it a car first hand?
  • What was its use?
  • Has she ever been injured?
  • Are the vehicle’s equipment all present?
  • Is the bodywork scratched or dented?
  • When do the last repairs date?
  • Why do you want to sell this car?
  • Is the price negotiable ?
  • Is it possible to try the car? If yes when?
  • Checks not to be neglected

Thing to check:

The outside of the X50 Proto

  • Bodywork

The tires, their condition and the spare wheel

The bumper and the good functioning of the lights

The battery (white marks on the terminals are signs of mishandling)

The rocker

The interior of the vehicle

  • Odometer

Seats, belts, floor, steering wheel and pedals

The proper functioning of the accessories according to the equipment of the vehicle

The presence of damp spots under carpets or covers

  1. The seller must provide you with certain documents

The certificate of assignment, it allows to declare the X50 Proto to the prefecture.

The technical inspection certificate, it must be less than 6 months old if the car is over 4 years old

Owner manual and maintenance bills, for all repairs made on the car.

All these documents must be sent to you before signing. It is recommended that you check to see if they match your vehicle and registration. You will then have to apply for a registration certificate.

4. Make the difference between down payment and down payment

When booking the X50 Proto to buy on occasion, you will often be required to pay a deposit or a deposit. But do you know the difference?

What an installment entails

If you choose the down payment, know that the payment automatically blocks the sale. In addition, once the legal withdrawal period of 7 days (for the buyer and the seller) it can not be recovered.

Deposit payment

For the deposit, they allow both parties to cancel the sale of the X50 Proto at any time. Abandoning the deposit therefore means terminating the contract.

It is important to differentiate between these two terms since you are not committing yourself to the same thing. Take into account also if only one of the two means of reservation is possible.

5. The right moment to make sure if you are buying the X50 Proto

Before signing the purchase of your new X50 Proto, we advise you to inform your insurance. Indeed, you have one month from the signature, to provide the registration certificate, the sales certificate and change the name of the car owner to the prefecture.

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